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Bitcoin Bottom Line

Dec 15, 2021

Lamar Wilson, freedom maximalist, OG Bitcoiner, and founder of Black Bitcoin Billionaires (the largest Bitcoin based club on Clubhouse) joins C.J. Wilson on this week’s episode of the Bitcoin
Bottom Line.
The two sit side by side in Austin, TX, taking a break from writing a book together (along with
others) that focuses on how to change the narrative of Bitcoin on Capitol Hill.
Lamar starts off the episode with a bang, mentioning that in regards to Bitcoin, “It’s not about the
price for me, it’s all about the freedom and the sovereignty.”
When asked how Bitcoin has changed his life, Lamar explains how Bitcoin is the freest money
we can have. He goes on to explain that, “It’s money that no one can censor, no one can tell you
what to do with it, you can hold it on your own without having to interact with anyone else, you
can send it.... All kinds of things that you can’t do with the current financial system.”
He goes on to share how he likes to introduce people to Bitcoin by giving them bitcoin, and
there is even a video of him giving out an entire bitcoin, “because it was about trying to get
people in it.” C.J. goes on to explain that in order for beginners, it’s helpful to “show them the
tangibility of it.”
“Bitcoin is just like the real world. It’s about objective truth,” C.J. states.
Lamar talks about reaching out to the black community with Bitcoin. He realized that there was
no intention around sharing information about Bitcoin with the community, and he was going to
change that. He started with friends and family and people at school. One of his classmates
became the 28th employee at Coinbase after learning about Bitcoin through Lamar.
He discusses Clubhouse, and how to keep the information very high level for those who are just
beginning. “Jesus used parables to get across high levels of thinking, I use analogies,” Lamar
“Bitcoin is the strongest- just play that hand. Keep playing your aces,” C.J. explains while
discussing the irony of the creators of other coins wanting to sell their altcoins in exchange for
bitcoin. Lamar follows that with another analogy for Bitcoin: “There’s all these women you can
go chase, but that’s where it ends. Every man wants to get their ride or die. Once they have
their wife, they know that’s their base.”
The Wilsons continue the conversation around the book they are writing, how Clubhouse
brought them together, and how this year has brought many people in the bitcoin space

They finish out the episode with more analogies, expressing their excitement for the direction
the space is headed. Don’t miss the full episode!