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Bitcoin Bottom Line

Dec 22, 2021

Host StevenMcClurg and Founder of Tron , Justin Sun, meet over zoom for an episode discussing all things Blockchain.

The two discuss meeting at Satoshi Roundtable in Mexico, and how the event was affected by the Covid-19 virus.

Sun explains how he got into Bitcoin back in 2013, and the inaccessibility of the cryptocurrency in China back at that time. He shares how he would bring cash to McDonalds in exchange for Bitcoin, and how it felt like an illegal drug deal.

He bought his first bitcoin at around 50 cents, and became distracted from studying for the LSAT Test. While his parents warned him to stay focused on his studies, bitcoin rose to one dollar. He continued focusing on Bitcoin, and gave up law school. “Then, it went up to $1,000, which was beyond my wildest dreams”, he says, “I started to realize the response of serious people building our industry.”

“Justin wanted to be a lawyer, Bitcoin fixes that.” McClurg says.

McClurg was also planning to go to law school, but decided he would rather study behavioral economics instead. He found an opportunity to apply that to finance, and even crypto.

McClurg asks Sun to share his expectations from the future, “Eventually, lots of countries will take bitcoin as a reserve. Bitcoin is very neutral and everybody can get bitcoin and protect their assets from inflation.”

He continues, with Aliens in mind. Sun predicts that if aliens are around, they use Bitcoin. “You don’t need to know anything about human knowledge to know Bitcoin, you only need to know math.”

The two discuss the GameFi industry in terms of blockchain technology, how far it has come, and the opportunities that have arisen in international (including metaverse) adoption.

McClurg and Sun close out the episode with more conversations of NFTs, GameFi, the future of Tron, and more. Don’t miss the full episode!