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Bitcoin Bottom Line

Apr 13, 2022

On this episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line,” hosts Steven McClurg and C.J. Wilson are joined by Josh Olszewicz from Valkyrie and Desiree Dickerson who has experience in the Bitcoin space in a nontraditional way. She is coming from Lightning Labs and is now CEO and Co-Founder of THNDR Games. Dickerson opens by sharing about THNDR Game’s strategy for gaining new users. She states that many users have no background in crypto but have found some of their applications or have been referred by a current user. “Once they earn Bitcoin through one of the applications, they have an incentive to continue using the game and become a Bitcoiner.”

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Wilson states that he frequently gamed as a child and as he got older, he was more focused on beating other players instead of the game itself. He asks Dickerson if they are focused on single versus multiplayer games and if there are different levels of interest between age groups. Dickerson says that all of their games are single-player, but will have multiplayer abilities with coming updates. They get very positive feedback from esports and host an event almost every weekend. Dickerson believes “having a highly divisible asset allows for more equitable play in esports events... At the end of the day, pretty much everyone is winning .”

As for the user’s demographics, traditionally the largest audience is always white teenage boys, but mobile gaming is starting to change this. One of the fastest-growing demographics is women between the ages of thirty-five and fifty. One of these reasons is that “there is no longer a large barrier of entry to game. You do not have to buy a multi-hundred dollar console and pay for individual games, all you need is a smartphone which opens these games to a much larger demographic.” Sixty percent of the market is mobile games and with the diversity of the applications, they are going towards mass adoption.

McClurg asks if THNDR Games will be at the Miami Bitcoin Conference 2022. Dickerson says that although they are still a smaller company we will be demoing all of our games at the conference. You can find all of their games and information on esports betting on the Bitcoin 2022 app under the games tab. There will also be a running ledger at the events of all the bets that are being placed on tournament participants. The group wraps up the episode by talking about a competition between McClurg and Wilson on THNDR Game’s traditional snake game before the conference.

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