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Bitcoin Bottom Line

May 31, 2022

This week on The Bitcoin Bottom Line, Co-host C.J. Wilson met with Josh Olszewicz, Head of Research at Valkyrie, to discuss macro-finance and its link to Bitcoin.

The conversation was kicked off by Olszewicz sharing the kinds of markets in which he was involved before his introduction to Bitcoin. Olszewicz discusses his interest in the technology and decentralization of the Bitcoin network.

Wilson goes on to share an applicable story from his childhood about how he saved up his money for a fancy bike. This experience helped him cement the idea of savings within his young mind. Wilson shares about his past life as a pro baseball player, and the duo talks about why many professional athletes are Pro-Bitcoin. For many, it largely involves a forward-looking mindset of saving for the future.

After spending some time on this topic, Wilson discusses his past investments and how at the time, he thought Bitcoin was a scam. After hearing this, Olszewicz asks what changed Wilson's mind, and he replied “the bull market in which Bitcoin took off was where my mind changed”. Wilson, after explaining his intro to the coin, explains his early investment strategies for investing in Bitcoin.

He would give himself milestones to keep himself in check when investing, and if he reached those milestones he would invest more money, create new milestones, and so on.

Soon after they talked about trading Bitcoin, the conversation turned toward the negatives of trading and how it can be addicting, even dangerous for some. Wilson shares a personal story and states “ It becomes a little dangerous because it sweeps aside the security concerns and the factual information about scarcity”.

The hosts close out the episode with more discussion on Bitcoin trading, mining, finance, and the growth of the Bitcoin community as a whole.

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