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Bitcoin Bottom Line

May 13, 2022

Mike Hobart returns for Episode 30 with C.J. Wilson, co-host of Bitcoin Bottom Line, for a live broadcast from the Bitcoin 22 conference.

The two begin by discussing the conference and meeting Bitcoin celebrities, and the approaching one year anniversary of El Salvadorian adoption. “El Salvador making the move was like the one person willing to go against the flow. Since that country doesn’t have a history of innovation in that way, people didn’t follow them right away”,

Wilson states. Things are changing. The two go on to discuss the role that Bitcoin is playing in the war, and how the currency is helping the Ukrainian government. Wilson continues the conversation, mentioning that “If the government is running out of FUD weapons, and Bitcoin is growing at the same time, you’re going to have more voices that can attack those FUD vectors faster.”

Hobart is releasing an article through Bitcoin Magazine in which he interviewed one of Bitcoin twitters’ favorite female personalities, and she talks about how because she came to bitcoin, it made her value health in a new way. “With health, it’s all proof of work,” he continues, “If we don’t have new kids to grow the economy, in terms of not only consumption but new thoughts and ideas, we don’t solve the problems.”

Listen to the full episode for more!